Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Top Trends in Home Improvement

HomeTeam has uncovered some trends we think are really going to stick in 2011.  Home buyers really pay attention to what’s hot, fresh and new when they consider buying a home.  It’s important for a great return on investment to keep your home up to speed on all the latest trends. 

Go Green.  This is a trend that is here to stay because people are realizing that the highest return on their investment in any renovation they make are those improvements that are “going green”.  As we become more conscious about becoming eco-friendly, as well as looking into ways to save more money, people will continue to make green updates to their homes, ranging from those simple improvements like changing a light bulb and installing water collectors for collecting rainwater that is used for gardening to more advanced eco-friendly methods like installing energy efficient appliances or putting in energy star quality windows. 

Bathrooms.  Bathroom renovations can be simple and can really boost value in a resale.  You can re-tile your floor or upgrade those old facets for a nice return on your investment.  Buyers want to see bathrooms that look brand new which means an easy fix for a great return on investment for the home owner.

Immediate Repairs. Has that faucet been leaking for the past two months?  How about that crack in the driveway?  These simple issues should be taken care of right away.  What is a tiny inconvenience now can turn into a major issue down the road.  Most home buyers are looking for move in ready houses, not fixer uppers.  It’s imperative to get those nuisances out of the way…and fast.

Home inspections are on the rise in 2011. Take note of the top trends and get started on those improvements that are going to make your home more livable for you and easier to sell for your next potential home buyer.


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