Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Benefits of a Home Energy Tune-Up by HomeTeam

Going green is all the buzz in today’s world. By exploring additional green possibilities, you can have a positive impact on the environment as well as your wallet. In order to get the most bang for your buck, however, it’s best to be strategic in where you make energy efficient updates. Home energy audits are one great way to get started on making green changes to your home. 

The first step toward converting your house into an energy efficient one is to find out which parts use the most energy. A HomeTeam Inspection home energy audit will pinpoint those areas and suggest the most effective measures for cutting your energy costs. 

In addition to the monetary benefits, going green will:
  1. Increase the comfort of your home
  2. Save money on your utility bills
  3. Add value to your home upon implementing the recommendations
  4. Tax deductions in some cases
  5. Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
HomeTeam’s customized evaluation will show which energy-efficiency improvements would reduce energy costs as well as make the home more comfortable.  Our analysis also takes into account regional variables such as the local weather, implementation costs and fuel prices in order to give you a true reflection on savings according to your specific geographic location. 


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