Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five Tips On How Realtors Can Select Quality Home Inspectors

We’ve been in the industry for a long time, having our franchisees in our 175+ locations work with hundreds of different Realtors interested in getting to the closing table as quick as possible, avoiding any slowdowns that may occur in the home inspection process. 

These simple tips can ensure how Realtors can select home inspectors that are valuable to them as they are to the client in the home selling/buying process.

  1. Look for home inspectors that are certified or licensed according to their area’s specifications.
  2. Agents should get to know the inspector(s) and be comfortable with how they address issues.  The inspector recommended by the agent will be perceived as an extension of the agent’s team.
  3. Look for an inspection company that can bring professional experts to deal with all types of homes and equipment.  In addition to being able to offer a higher quality inspection when the company has the proper resources, it can also be done more quickly and timely.
  4. Look for an inspection company that can do all ancillary services such as pest, radon, mold, etc.
  5. Look for a professional brand image that makes the agent recommendation look good to the client: timeliness, good image on materials, good report, friendly inspectors and clean vehicles.
Most importantly, Realtors should trust the home inspectors on their team.  We train each of our HomeTeam inspectors to be helpful to the agent who is coordinating the entire transaction during the final home inspection process before getting to the signing table.

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