Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HomeTeam Goes to Clearwater Beach

Annual Convention Hosts Top Franchisees; Introduces New Strategies and Tactics
By Greg Haskett, VP of Shared Services

Every year, our
HomeTeam Inspection Service franchisees get together to celebrate another great year of business and discuss hot topics and what's new for the year ahead.  This year we met in Clearwater Beach, FL in the city of our host franchisee Mitch Rothenberg.  Themed Chart Your Course, we had several sessions, large and small, where franchisees gathered together to discuss all aspects of their businesses.  As a leader in the home inspection industry, this convention in particular was special as we introduced several new items that our franchisees can use moving forward, including:
  1. A new and improved online software that will keep us ahead of the competition. Cloud computing is the way of the future and our franchise owners can now respond quicker than their competition with better data.
  2. New financial benchmarks and tools specifically designed to maximize the profit of each franchise owner which also gives them a unique tool to hit their personal income goals.
  3. A strategic rollout of social media efforts that will broaden the reach of the HomeTeam brand and meet our current & future customers where they are.
  4. Lastly, and the best part of any gathering like this, is when the attendees can spend time together.  We included extended breaks, franchisee-only meetings, and very successful role-playing sessions where franchise owners from across North America interacted with each and discussed their shared interests in building the HomeTeam name.
Overall this year's convention was the best one yet.  We received some very positive feedback from our franchisees.  
  • "The leadership and direction of Jim Hunter is contagious! The entire staff is on board in attitude and actions. Thanks to all for $50,000 or more in value for about a $500 price."  Ray Fonos, Pittsburgh, PA
  • "I've already booked an inspection from a price shopper based on some of the ideas from the role-playing session."  Mike Henry, Belleville, ON
  • "I am excited about this year and look forward to the ISN
    addition to our teams. I truly believe that this will take my business to another level." Bobby Cox, Savannah, GA
  • "I can say with great confidence that EVERYONE that attended went away recharged and invigorated, ready to take on whatever 2011 throws at us! You will find that your 'return on investment' will easily be 10 to 20 (or more) times the costs involved in attending." Bill Jurek, Ft. Meyers, FL  
  • "Coming up on 16 years and haven't missed one yet.  Still can't imagine anyone in this business, especially with THIS franchise, who wouldn't strive to make it to every convention.  It's the motivation, encouragement and pick-me-up we all need to kick-start our year!"  John Gambill, Ashland, KY
  • "Hard to imagine any franchisee not seeing the value in this and not attending. I can't wait for next year!" Scott Whitbeck, Colorado Springs, CO


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