Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let Our To Do List Help You with Spring Cleaning

HomeTeam Inspection Service’s experience gives us the knowledge to help consumers prepare for all seasons with checkup tips on how to keep their homes in tip top condition.  Every season of the year brings needed home improvements; decks should be properly sealed before the harsh winter months; gutters should be properly cleaned before and after the leaves fall; patios and gazebos are perfect spring home improvements that can be enjoyed all summer long.  

We’ve come up with a check list of certain items in and around the home that home owners should inspect in the spring.  Take a look at these and other items to make sure they are safe and in proper working order.

•  Basketball goals      
•  Garages
•  Roofing
•  Child play sets
•  Gutters
•  Shutters
•  Decks
•  Mail boxes         
•  Sidewalks
•  Dog houses
•  Painting
•  Stairs
•  Driveways
•  Patios
•  Windows
•  Fences
•  Porches

It’s important to make sure all these items are in order to avoid larger problems down the road that could affect a future home inspection.  Each season we’ll bring you more home improvement tips so you can ensure your home is inspection ready.


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