Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Here are several environmentally-friendly tips home owners can use to keep their homes cool, while cutting down the electricity bill:
  • Invest in fans and ceiling fans. Fans give you the opportunity to raise your thermostat setting while allowing you to save on air-conditioning costs.
  • Install white window shades, blinds and drapes. White blinds reflect heat away from your home, rather than attracting heat and trapping it inside.
  • Close shades, blinds and drapes facing the sun. By closing your blinds (east-facing windows in the morning and west-facing windows in the afternoon), you’ll be able to keep heat out and cool air in. 
  • Close unused vents. There’s no need in cooling dead space, so close vents that aren’t being used. This will allow more air to flow from opened vents. 
  • Be aware of internal heat. Lighting, appliances and electronic devices are some of the most common sources of internal heat within your home. Make sure to turn them off when not in use and keep them away from your thermostat, as heat will cause the air     conditioner to run for longer periods of time.
  • Plant trees or shrubs to shade air conditioning units. A unit operating in the shade uses less power. 
There’s no reason to make your summer even hotter, so use these environmentally-friendly alternatives to cool your home more efficiently. For more tips or to find out what HomeTeamInspection Service can do for you, visit

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